The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Little bit of this, little bit of that...

Honestly, I've been reluctant to blog.
Diamond deleted every blog post out of a jealous rage.
If you remember, I posted about going down on a female rapper.
I wanted to say it, and there was nothing to stop me.
As much as bitches lust after Ghost ("Power") and Michael B. Jordan, I can lust after a rappin' Latina.

But whatever.

Now I want to vent.

Her and a few others say I say "stupid things" on my blog and on social media.
If I know what I'm saying, how is it stupid?
Is it because I'm not dedicating attention to YOU that it's stupid?
Is it not possible that I am setting up for a bigger point?
Am I not intelligent enough to formulate such a thought?

I explored in my music recently how much I hate my Uncle George.
I used to wish I could be bigger and stronger to fight him.
But I don't like rifts in family, so I'll be pleasantly fake.

Blogging is the only world where I can say what I want.
I don't want to censor myself.
I just have to be reminded that people are reading.
I have the numbers.
I just didn't get into the practice of reading them.
People read my work.
Many modern characters are based on me and my friends.
Or the friends I put out there that I have.

Cigars are bad for my teeth.
I should definitely look into a cleaning soon
I might be getting some kind of insurance soon.
Definitely looking forward to these benefits as well.

With my luck, they'll come in as soon as I sign a record deal.

Yes, Jay.
Some of us live off advances.

I do plan to make investments.
I have a few companies I have my eyes on.

From my observation, when you invest in something after it's taken off, you don't get much return.
So I'm not gonna tell you what I'd invest in (stock wise).
But I believe in these companies and products and feel we both would benefit.

I am almost warming up to the concept of using a Maschine.
I just get BIZZEE with The MPC.
Specifically the -500.
My, how I miss Gadget.
I gave it to VK (no homo) in 2014, because he said he needed an MPC.

I'm always doing shit like that.
I give my last, all the time.
I almost wasn't able to pay my phone bill this month, giving my last for gas money.
This, after I produced and recorded SEVERAL albums for the person in question.

I realize now that not everyone values music.
I do a lot with and through music.
Always undervalued.

Rodney Mudderfuggin Dangerfield!

It feels good to blog.
I plan to do it more and more often.

I was BUGGIN on Tumblr.
I'm just true to Blogger.

I'll be back soon...



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