The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

3/4 forever

March 4th is the birthday of Harlem.
I encourage you to do your research about it.

Harlem and I have a bond.
Deeper than most residents know.
You can find me in Harlem, literally.
(C)harle(s) (ha)m(ilton).
Because of this fact, I am very sensitive about and towards Harlem
When i found out that gang rape is a form of initiation into actual gangs I was very turned off by Harlem.
I wasn't a super social icon (eg. Pee Wee Kirkland), but true Harlem residents know who I am.
Young (old now) and old (my condolences).
Being picked on definitely frustrated me with my love for Harlem.

Harlem is more cultural than Times Square.
I grew up in a primarily Latino part of Harlem.
Where i grew up isnt even listed on the subway map.
That hurt.

Fast forward.

Gentrification was initially referred to as beautification.
When the concept was introduced to Harlem, it caused wonder and depression.
Being on Interscope, I literally sat in meetings where, everything going on as far as real estate was discussed.
Showing restraint and dignity, I stood up.
You cannot "boost the morale" of a low income community by making it impossible to afford.
That was my argument.
This (EXTREMELY) civil conversation is discussed in "Happy Ending" from Sonic the Hamilton.

Literally after the Briana punch video, I noticed a decline in Harlem's demeanor.
The influence of mass media changed the cultural pull of Harlem.
Niggas wanna make music like Drake, basically.

Drake is know as HK.
Hamilton Killa.

(takes a break)

Murda Mook, around this time, claimed I wasn't from Harlem

Like... this is a difficult entry to write.

Let me say this:

I love Harlem like how Jamaicans love Jamaica.
I just want to smoke my bowl, outside, in peace.
With all due respect to the Crip minority in Harlem, my favorite color is red.
For the attention of the Bloody majority, blood is blue before oxygen hits it.
Are you mad at the morning sky?

Harlem Queens, you dont have to be harder than the men you want.
Sometimes... like... someone knows exactly what you need and dont even know you want.
You cant push them away due to standards you let mainstream media set for you.

Harlem is an English translation of Haarlem, which is a place in the Netherlands.
New York was once New Amsterdam.

Netherlands? Neverland?

Hair of wool...?

(lol inside)

Good night, birthday girl.
Happy GDay, my guy.

I love you, Harlem.

(I just barely finished this entry)

*searching for*


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