The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Black Magic Woman

Horny as hell, btw...

Let's start the show!

I already told you that you make me real.
I DIDNT tell you how much I admire you.
I... look up to you.
Your independence is an aphrodisiac.
As if Aphrodite made you the way you are.
As if you ARE Aphrodite.

I know who you are.

And who you are.

We've been Beavis and Butthead since the beginning of time.
You are cause for me to go to war.
I am cause of your gray hair.
We neglect each other.
We make it up to each other.

I dont know who you are.

Because of who you are.

Your mystique I strive to have for myself.
I dont want to be so easily read.
If i had it my way, you'd be the only one to understand me.
And you'd be able to articulate it.
And obtain wealth for your articulation of me.
And we live happily ever after, with you paying the bills with the understanding of me
And I'll keep being me.
And you'll keep being you.
And we'll be together.

I know why I left you.

I drank you.
I was drunk off you.
In front of you.
I had to choose between you or mom.

I just came back from jail, though!
You could've been more compassionate.
I needed more of your potion.
More affection.
Just more fuckin YOU.

I got territorial and self-defeating.
Like battling Jay-Z.
Or subbing Drake.
I have a lot to lose.

You are a lot.

I had a lot to lose.

You are a lot.

I have and had nothing to lose.
Just you.

Usually when I start trying to articulate how I feel about you, it turns into infinitysex.
So deep, we stop, taking deep breaths, wondering if the rest of life is worth living.
I may still be caught up in our sex.
I still wonder if...

Thus, Tomorrow.

I have to live another day.

Danjer's middle name is Annie.

I owe my baby girl an apology.

Daddy and Mommy were going through a lot while you were on your way here.
We both love you VERY much.
Remember when I told you to be a female CHH?
Well... be what CHH would get nervous about when you walk in the room.

Be just like your mother.

And yes, Dan Drizzy, I catch your lies.
We gotta work on that.

Back to Black Magic Woman.
You complete bitch.
You nurturing mother.
You fly lady.
You good friend.

Have we reached the end?
Are we having sex right now?

That's all I got.




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