The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

The Quartermaster 0fficial lyrics

(Isaac Hayes) "Good morning, Mama"

(verse 1)
Yeah. I go to sleep for a quicky. Immediately, I'm with Vicki (as in Victoria). Keeping it secret (Victoria's Secret). Against me is The Secret. Unfortunately. Supporting the Vicky of TheBiggestG (next to me). From downtown, I see another Vicki. Like Tori (victory). And I pop a pill. 'Cause I got skills. Smiling. Joking. No longer joking. Wilding. Open. Wilding because I'm open. Wilding when open. But then I become an Omen. So much more. I hope you know it. Regardless, I've become a poet.

(verse 2)
Synchronicity, because I've been drinking and sippin' Vicki. It seems as if one of the people who are against me or "for me (as a secret)" has something they'd like to say. I don't shower. I stay in the daylight. So please. Enjoy the box. Of soap. Bars. You know it's hot. But don't avoid the spot you must go to be who's up with flow. Go. Cuttin' me off... I ain't touchin' buttons, dawg! I'm just saying what I must! You love it then love it. If not, *walk* across the pond. I ain't "droppin bombs" I'm just talkin' from (touches heart)...

(verse 3)
You get bit by Llama, your skin might not take the pain. Then again, there's honor. And I got a sacred brain. So I say what I may, and save the pain for the refrain. Like the hook. I'm a good enough look. I'm not shook. You put it down then I get it up. Like Mya. or Rihanna. Just depends on if you like my fire. But don't stand next to it! Kinda DOOMy how I brew it! You knew me? I knew it. Niggas jeopardized it. Now I ride with The Truest. One.

When something that's supposed to be a secret becomes public knowledge, they all it Controversy. Ya heard? I've faced my demons... and I've earned my blessings. Ya heard? 

After I gave SEGA the world (just for simply existing), all I asked was for some love in return. I saw no love coming my direction from SEGA in the form I wanted it in. I started getting frustrated and roasted them on several songs, sharing information about themselves that THEY don't even know. Lyrically. They may understand if they take glances within. They cannot do so with the ties to the streets that they each have. It is a losing and uphill battle trying to make SEGA believe in itself. 

Especially with the news Jack, George and Dilla are facing in this new year...!

SEGA is Victoria's Secret.



Eddie Murphy 0fficial lyrics

^ ^ ^ (verse 1) Ungh! Get right witchya boy! Sit tight for ya boy! Hit the lights for ya boy... this is that kind of joint. Just sit back. L...