The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Ready, willing and able (possible sequel)

 After taking some time out of the public eye (the online one, really), I feel ready to go! Watching the Grammys boosted mine a bit as well. Though most of it was homo-friendly, I enjoyed the portions I was looking forward to. 

I'm happy for Steve Lacy. And long live hip-hop (with Lil Uzi Vert as the Rock -n- Roll Nigger). ?uestlove curated a show. Happy for him. We got to see more Jay than usual. Beyonce was on her own trip. Not surprised Em was AWOL. Happy for Kendrick (AlcheMIST!!!!). The girl that won Best New Artist (name I can't remember right now) deserved it. I may be checking for Harry Styles in the near future. 

But yeah. I'm ready to get on stage. Not sure what I'll be doing or what songs I'll be performing. Obviously "Brooklyn Girls". Likely "New York Raining". Definitely "Loser". I feel like "Loser" is insensitive to the listener. Granted they were 3 battle verses. But yeah. I gotta get my rage back. These meds got me making friends with everyone.

I can't stay mad at the world forever. There has to be a point where I find harmony with everyone, despite their individual choices. Doesn't mean everyone has to speak. I also can't get mad when people spite others in my name. That's a form of love that I rarely received, and I cherish it. So, I gotta get used to it.

This year, as I said, will be more instrumental. Likely because the beats are standalone (for the first time in my career), and don't need me or anyone else rapping on them. I may rap to them in the future (hint). I just gotta feel it.

That, plus Computer Voodoo.



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