The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Fuzzy Badfeet

 I have a nasty toe infection. I got bit by a mouse in 2018. I haven't had the time to get it checked out, and my next doctors appointment is in May sometime. I try to stay off my feet, but each day calls (for me).

I think I need a different state of thinking. I was very much rallying for my worship from 2006 until recently. I see that there are bigger issues than me, most of which dealing with race. Last I checked, I was good with white people. That is, until the Republic deal.

Now, every man for themselves.

I feel for everyone who was killed by an officer, and beg law enforcement to ease up on the usage of force. Politicians, poor black neighborhoods exists, and require your attention. Young black men, stop provoking officers to attack you.

Much more, but all for now.



Eddie Murphy 0fficial lyrics

^ ^ ^ (verse 1) Ungh! Get right witchya boy! Sit tight for ya boy! Hit the lights for ya boy... this is that kind of joint. Just sit back. L...