The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

If I'm Being Honest...

 A lot of my music hasn't aged well. At all. I don't even speak to Demevolist or Simone (either Porter or Marshall). Toya is married with children. Sciryl is nearby as in on the west coast, but we don't speak often. The difference is, I spent more meaningful time with B (Sciryl) than Demevolist, Simone or Toya. The problem is, I think B appreciates the music that I feel hasn't aged well. 

Rihanna being Briana would brighten my day. I have every reason to believe she is, based on what I know. Maybe it's not up to me to prove who she is to other people. Still, I can't listen to Awkward. Kinda the same way she didn't perform any songs from "Good Girl Gone Bad" at the Super Bowl. Times have changed between us.

I think I started getting used to making esoteric love songs around "Villain.". I feel better because I talked about the ladies in question, relieved myself of the tension I was feeling (lyrically), and allowed the memory of everyone to linger in the music. I feel like Villain. should be discussed more in my catalog. I may remaster it and put it on streaming.

"Body Telepathy" survived. I feel good about that. But a lot of my written work seems to have slumped a little bit. At least in the context of my personal life. I have a whole new set of people in my life. New priorities. New outlook on life in general.

I just wish sometimes someone would call.




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