Tarot Shifts

 Since around 2013, I dedicated myself to being The Hermit in Tarot. The all-knowing, self-isolated elderly male figure that bears the light his own way. I denied being The Sun, The Devil and The Star, just to be The Hermit. Being in LA makes me want to be The Sun again. But am I being caught up in LA's lure? Could I fall victim to #TheHollywoodCurse?

I don't want to.

I'm not going to. 

Today, I conjure The Hermit, The Sun and The Star. I launch pentacles at my enemies and subdue many with my wands. I believe The Hermit has dealt with Wands all his life, and rarely touches The Sword. I haven't had a good orgasm in almost 2 years. Being The Star would change a lot for me. Being The Sun would mean to just be myself.

So, the plan is to shine ridiculously, calling for as little attention as possible, while I work on my craft.

There. Now I make sense through magick.