The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

About ElecXmas

- It's an album full of track ones

-You can press play on any track and start from there

-Best when played on shuffle

-Mixed by a professional (Sutter H., 4th Street Recordings)

-The final chapter in my Mayfield series (Villain., Faithless Pull, Hypergoth!, Computer Voodoo, Electronic Christmas)

-Most of the projects sampling Curtis Mayfield were not released; very personal. The best of the best were dropped.

-Curtis Mayfield is not the only artist sampled on this album, but a large portion of it has him in it (DIFFICULT to clear a Mayfield sample)

-The album is in alphabetical order, giving the listener a chance to sequence the album their way (unlike PastLove, where the story is told in sequence)

Can't wait? You won't have to, soon. You just don't know when to expect it. So, expect it!




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