The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Sweatin' Technique

 The key to making music is to enjoy the music you make. You can't expect your music to be better than your influence, but you can stake your claim THROUGH your music. If you notice, Chris Brown doesn't slander Michael Jackson or James Brown. MiJack and JB never did flips on stage, but Chris wouldn't be doing what he's doing without either. So don't shut yourself down because you can't measure up. Just step up.

I would say "have fun" with making music, but 99% of the bullshit that's out came with fun and was money-minded. Most of what you hear is pressure to make a hit. Most of the "acclaimed" producers pretty much do what the label says to do. I recommend someone learn Music Theory before they try to make a beat.

Music is not a fun process. It takes knowledge, wisdom, and bravery. 
Just like being on the streets.

Someone made a comment and said "All you wanna do is make music all day. I'm out here in these streets." Well, that's why my music has gone farther than you have (so far). I'm dedicated. I won't go there with hand skills and street connections. It's not necessary. But I don't have time to address every beef started with me. I got music to make. And as long as you keep getting pulled in to bullshit because you wanna prove you not soft (pardon the Ebonics), you will always be several steps (and seats) behind me.

As far as what I do now to make beats...

FL Studio.
All day.

Occasionally I'll go back to Logic, and I do use VirtualDJ to make beats (Hypergoth!, Electronic Christmas), but Fruity Loops is where I'm at these days. 
It's almost therapeutic to do so.

Hamilton, Charles y'all.




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