The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

The space to say.

I feel like having a blog disables me from talking (my) shit. Because you KNOW I can say/do it. So lately, I've been Tweeting more. I see it as socializing online. My personal Facebook is devoted to my FDAliens, but I added more people (in an attempt to socialize online). I met some dope people. Aspiring artists, attractive women, etc. I just noticed that Twitter is more plugged into the music business. 

I gotta keep my eye on that.

And as much as I try to say I don't need to, that's a flex/cap. I need to see what is being sold to the people, so I can either compliment or contrast it. I REALLY like (to the point of lovebombs) Chloe x Halle, so you'll see me retweet them. I'm loyal to Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit, so you'll see me posting stuff from them. Obviously #GangGang, so Green Lantern and co. posts are to be expected. 

For the love of electricity.


(not me)



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