The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

.com-ing myself

 There's no real reason why I don't have a website, other than finances. If you remember, I launched one in 2019. It lasted for about 2 years. Server kept crashing, I wasn't getting paid for download, etc. Still, there needs to be a central location for all things Charles Hamilton.

Reggie (or @Kanye on Twitter) built an AWESOME webPAGE. Links to all essential stuff there. It's working. It's just not a .com. .coms are considered the official mark of having a website.

Beggars can't be chooses, nevertheless, and Reggie did it for free. Can't ask for too much more.

I also want to encourage young people's growth on the web. Social media is the cafeteria during lunch at high school. If you don't want to get caught up in it, but still want to voice your opinion, start/launch a blog. Find pictures of mind-bending art on DeviantArt. WikiPedia is your friend. Check the Online Archives for... whatever you can imagine. 

The Internet is a VAST place. And I know my music brought you here, but there is more to search for other than music that isn't mine. Research Music Theory. Philosophy. History. Don't be bogged down by the bad news of today, nor the bad news of yesterday. 

Make your own history.



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