The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.


I often write blog entries announcing that I'm taking a break. These are not publicity stunts. I literally have to take time away from being (digitally) in front of you all (lol) every so often. It maintains my mental health. Look. I gave in to the meds. They actually comfort me. Yes, they interfere with my weed smoke, and no I don't do the same stuff anymore. But I can focus on music with lazer/razor sharp accuracy, as well as read and write more poignantly. I damn near wanna go back to school.

Along with reading and writing spells, I cross-reference my lyrics with The Bible, The Quran and The Torah. There is a published bible with only The New Testament and Psalms. Not new, but ordained ministers can attest to the fact that God Herself ordered that this new Bible be the one preached from. 

Does knowing this make me a minister?

I've been going live every Friday. And I've been getting requests to bring back "The Hamilton Quazar". I plan to keep the lives going, and when I get my own space again, I will STRONGLY consider bringing back THQ. Once again, it comes down to what I have. I did the best I could with THQ, considering the lack of resources I had. I did live DJ mixes, synced with a live feed of me reading Tarot and casting spells (and throwing curses at you proverbial "bitch ass niggas"). Though what I have is up-to-date (modern), I don't have what I once had. 

If you want it, I'll make it work. I might even do it live...

Stay in tuned(touch)...!

as far as the break, I won't announce it. I'll just be ghost mode.



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