The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

J Dilla and Sonic

My eyes had yet to be opened, thought I was very wise.

My eyes were open, but I was blinded by my own ignorance.

J Dilla had a technique similar to Dr. Dre. He simply asked that you spill it ALL. Poetry is cool, but you had to put your soul on the floor (as my mother would say; hint). If it didn't rhyme, it was okay. Because your soul is in it. And that was enough for him to work with.

I will regret this soon.

The key to freestyling good is keeping Sonic the Hedgehog in your mind.
Another reason I stopped writing in 2012.

Because Sonic the Hedgehog exists.
If I'm not Sonic, I know who he is.

And THAT secret is safe with me.

(a-ha, Cardi B! lol)

May the above freestyles exemplify my "usage" of both.

You know I love you, right J Dilla?

Hey Sonic! How am I doing as Robotnik?

You all die 11102023.




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