The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

The Return of Jack Splash

Welp, good ol' Jack Nixon is OUT OF DOOM, AS OF THIS MORNING!!! All it took was a bit of self-sacrifice from me. I had to get my own ego out of the way to accept that Jack, as my little cousin Ryan, is a real OG. Once I did it, he leaped into action.

The streets ain't been the same since.

I really never had an ego with Jack/Ryan. I was moreso protective. Grandma would always tell us to protect the family jewels. Well, Ryan WAS my family jewel. I wanted to be the big cousin to him that MY big cousin WASN'T to me. I never talked about girls or sex with Ryan. He had his OD dad (my uncle) for that. I kept our relationship fun, unless I had to discipline him. Then, no games. I never spanked him. Never beat on him. We would wrestle, but after a certain age I stopped. It was time for him to apply self-defense on his own.

I love you, Jack. I love you more, Ryan. Well-wishes and rain checks for Jeff/Hov. All I ask is that Hov NOT duck Jack when #TheDevils run through Tinseltown. And Hip-Hop.

Leave it to insecure me to not wanna do anything. Just lay in bed and watch my brothers act a fool in an apartment. 
Looks like we've come full circle. 

I've been dropping teasers of #KingCharles music. The plan is, one song a month, all year, next year. Though I may get inspired and feel the urge to drop, I must be disciplined about my professional output. To beat the game, you gotta BE the game.

So I will be releasing The Charles Hamilton/9th Wonder Bribery Sextape in the near future.

I joke, I joke! I keed, I keed!!!

But what IS real is that I am OVERWHELMED by the support I've been getting from StarChasers. A few new conversions! People are paying attention to you paying attention to me. To translate this into an equitable reality, I may have to negotiate with someone. If the talk is right (the numbers are HIGH!), we may be on to something.

But I will feed y'all. No question about that.


Charles Hamilton, Jr. (like that!; dead my name)
J Dilla (immortal; dead his name)
George Massa (#FirstLady; dead his name)
Jack Splash ("back outside..."dead his name)
Daft Punk (dead Jamaican)
Davina (dead real)
Mystic (dead bad)
Curtis Mayfield (alive)
Sonic the Hedgehog (in existence)




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