The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Black History Month, on a high.

So far, no rappers have been murdered, from all of 2023 and early 2024. A proud fact. Sad, but true. We gotta find a way to air out our grievances with one another without bloodshed. That's why I started Columbine Gang. Reach out to us to make the anthems of war. Because that's what "Beef" is. War, in the poor community. Many people have reached out to get beats so they can do such a thing. And the ones on the receiving end don't beef with me/us because they know they could easily get a beat/song from one of us and shut it down themselves. 

A beautiful thing.

I wanna get into this Eminem/Benzino in 2024 thing. I think Em came out SWINGING with his shot, not expecting Benzino to go hard. But in order to successfully battle someone, you have to know their history. Benzino is an MC. He knows what goes into spitting. So I'm not surprised by the quality of his response. Now, Em has to reach back and... well, killshot him. For loyalty's sake, I'm going with Em. But it's not gonna be an easy battle. Someone wrote to me and said I should diss Benzino FOR Eminem. But that would demerit Em's battle history. If I destroy Benzino (which I could), what does that mean to Em? 

Slim, holla at me.

To shift gears, I think this Meg and Nicki beef is uncalled for and literally spills into the streets. It's not about who's more famous or who sold more. It's not even about who looks better. It's about street-level loyalty. If you know, you know. But don't think for a minute that there will be a clear winner. Each of them have flaws, each of them have upper hands in the situation. Hopefully, this stays all bars. It could get ugly.

Ladies, keep love alive.

For Black History Month, let's NOT support any rap beef. We all know it gets ugly, and none of these rappers are REALLY gully enough to pop shells. Those that are, are silent and doing POSITIVE things with their time. So yeah. Let's boycott beef all February. Save it for Women's History Month... LMAO!!!!!!



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