The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

"I am... multimedia..."

The title is a quote from a DJ Nick interview back in 2019.

So... last year, I went on an #IndependentMediaBlitz. Now, a media blitz is when an artist does interviews with MANY different outlets in one day. I posted on Twitter/X that I wanted to do interviews with StarChasers. And some good relationships came of it (shouts to Jay Kasai). Still, I managed to knock out about 10 different interviews. Some are online, some are probably in a secret stash somewhere.

This year, I am ordering my releases THE SAME WAY THE BUSINESS DOES. Every month, a new release, with teasers of music to come later in the year. In fact, Sonic Movie 3 determines how much music you get from me. Will it drop on Christmas? No matter when the movie drops, you can bet on a deluge of music from myself.

I would love to collaborate more with my StarChasers. I just need more money. My current price is $600 for a 16-bar verse, and $1000 for an exclusive CH instrumental. $1200 for both. It sounds like a lot, but for what the music is worth and the effort that goes into it, it's really not much.

On the phone with StarChaser Screwheili. A collaborator of sorts, as he drops Screw tapes of classic, rare records. Check him out!

I'm around, y'all.



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