The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Blacking on America pt. 1

You knew who Trump was before he decided to run for president.
You knew his opinions and viewpoints reflected the degeneration of the "decency" of conservative America.
You laughed at his appearance in Home Alone 2.
You watched a Black woman demean herself for his approval.
You know he's homophobic.
You know he's into missiles.

Yet when any American entertainer was in his presence or brought him up, be it as a simile or as a goal, you smiled with entertained glee.

Now the nigga is president.

You ran him through the mud for 3 years on public forums.
You agreed with right wing conservatives and left wing conspiracy theorists until he finally got caught up.

You got all holier than thou when the Biblical "sign of the times" became apparent.

I am much like Trump.

You know and knew what it is/was with me.
Before Interscope.
Before NewCo.
Before Republic.

You decided to allow your "voice" to take precedence over what you know in your mind, heart and soul.

Now, you no longer have me as an ally and pissed off a true megalomaniac, to the point where you are in Jihad with me and in the opening stages of WWIII.

I kid you not.

I was my mother's only child.
That was the only thing keeping me out of the military and the draft that YOUR president, Barack Obama, reinstated.
My mother is dead.
I am 32.
Call me a pussy, but I want any way out of military service, beyond my years in the Harlem Youth Marine Corps.
Said Corps., of which patrolled Ground Zero in 2002.


All you tough niggas and rachit bitches, suit up and grab your fo-fifs.
Y'all of whom talk so much shit should be AHEAD of the front line.
Your opinion AND lack thereof got us here.
Feel free to blame Trump.
The same guy you sold your friends out for to stay in his establishments.
The same credit line you aspired to have, no matter how he himself obtained it.
The same celebrity you would die to hang out with, and would brag non stop about being with should you have the change to be with him.

I might have children.
My son is a warrior, with the heart of a country kid in the middle of the big city.
My daughters are your favorite targets in pop culture.
I don't want a war that would further separate us.
But many of whom have influence find it "funny" to taunt me with (literal) hate and mock the very "goal" of Trump as president.
This is karma of biblical proportions.

Don't let your mouth write a check that your ass can't handle, Good Ol' US of A.

Hulk Hogan turned his back on fundamentals and fandom for his own peace of mind.
AFTER leaving the faction of which gave him the platform of fundamentalism.

US natives, I urge you to leave the Middle East.
Now is not the time to find the glory of The Motherland.

US citizens, specifically New Yorkers, I urge you to leave the Arabic clerk in your local deli the hell alone.
The conspiracy (unspoken) has yet and doesn't need to be proven true.

The overweight, undereducated American citizen is to blame for the pending doom of "this great nation".

By lineage, I am obliged to stand up for this place (Alexander Hamilton).
The same lineage obliges me to reprimand the ACTUAL culprit of this mess (Charles Hamilton Houston).
My relation to The Moorers binds me to my race (Moor/Negro), yet research of self finds me in Ireland (Irish/Caucasian).

Egypt is the heart within that bears the undying love for the serendipitously absent (SEGA).

Don't push me, 'cause I'm close to the edge.
Then again, you pushed your own red button.
You thought it would be cute to have Trump as president.
My opinion on Hillary being president would've brought us here regardless.
A woman is too high-strung for this job, and is biologically predisposed to being devious.

No woman could or would disagree.

This is your grave, America.
Rest in peace.

(mumbles "you can't fuckin be serious, b.", before going to to post whatever I want to say)



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