The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.


I somehow forgot to mention this.
Any keys/synths/basses you hear in my beats are from my laptop.
No external keyboard.
I play the Apple keyboard.
I do have an Arturia keyboard, but I use it for supernatural control of the sample.
Like an invisible MIDI.
I had Tyrone aka Black the Beast's Akai MPK, but I broke it.
I'm very careful with my instruments.

I mention this, because I recently burned out ANOTHER turntable deck.
This time, a Pioneer.
Basically, it looks like I'm going to be DJing off my laptop again.
My laptop turntable skills can be heard on The Crystal Disco Ball.

An album which is being considered a Top 5 project of mine.

Dedicated to #TheMidnightSociety (the friendslist on

I'm concerned that I'm gonna go balls out with love and support of them and be pushed aside, breeding a resentment meant for relatives, bullies and haters.

I dont like when my unconditional love goes unnoticed or unappreciated.

My patience has been run thin a few times, but I somewhat and sorta know they love me back.

Yo. I was so gassed when I had a (brief) conversation with Cynthia Keller.
FDA is like Bayside and Moesha's high school.
I guess I'd be Moe-to-the-E-to-the.

Can you hear the music in the background?


Back to the original subject.

I can play entire piano solos on the Apple keyboard.
You can hear it on Mankind's (Scityl x IllumiNate) "8-Bit Genesis".
I haven't spoke to Ryl in a minute, too.
I hope he's okay.
I guess we grew apart, ya know?
He has his friends.
His friends are like his fanbase.
Very similar to me.
But he (in my opinion) caters to his friends, whilst needing them.
In retrospect, much like me.
Maybe we're too alike to be around each other.

I recently added Kesed to my NiGHTS Ventura Facebook.
(NiGHTS = NiGHTS Into Dreams, the SEGA Saturn game, Ventura = Jim Carey, the new Robotnik in #TheSonicMovie; villain.)

We speak rarely as well.
I guess our lives took different paths.
I'm sure y'all can remember the glorious late 2000s of me, Kesed and B touring and bugging out wherever we went...

If not, it is locked in my heart for personal reflection.

Back to what I came to do now...

I jam out on my MacBook.

actually, you know what?
All piano questions will be answered 3/17/2020.

Mom's birthday.

Just Charles.

I'm gonna continue listening to #TheMidnightSociety (the project) and nightdaydream about my FDAliens.

-Mr. Mejia



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