The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Replacing Desensitization

Let me start with this: sometimes saying "what it is" requires big words.
That requires one to have a mind willing to learn.

I have come to the realization that labels and label heads dont want to exploit or change me
And that's why it's hard for me to get a deal.
Which is humbling as it is frustrating.

I feel like I sold out a bit for the Republic deal.
I wasn't allowed to talk about Sonic, SEGA or Apple, because "them niggas ain't getting me no money."
A direct quote, from an Islamic-European white woman.
"New York Raining", though a good song and technically a hit, was about said white woman.

As a black man, it is taboo to go down on a white woman.
I did that.
Not as a requirement for the deal, but as a sealant of, "I do this, you hold me down."
To seal the deal, in other words.

I definitely feel like I lost black points in doing so.

Nevertheless, no judgement could come of such if you didnt know.
I told you because the demand for me to be in the mainstream and the requirements are overbearing.

Whether Nadia loved me truly or not is no longer a focal point.
Music and expression, however, is.

My music and self-expression has been mimicked from day one (Kid Cudi, BoB, etc.).
Now i am rather elite.
And alone in being such.
It appears that TheOverheads want to make their own CH, since I cannot be bought or exploited.
And deep down, they love me for it.
However, many have sold out for the chance to live better.
And attack me because I'm not on the auction block.

While all this admiration and backhanded complimenting is going on, I STILL NEED TO SURVIVE.

I've died a few times.
So I know for a fact you wouldn't mention me.
No roses to smell.
But you cannot IN THE LEAST BIT deny my impact on ALL culture.
Including politics and commerce/trade.

My goal is to acknowledge this about myself and give myself my own flowers to smell.

Which is what I am about to do.

Bowl up!

I'm watching you, too!



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