The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

The Disappearance of J*Davey

The piano is my altar.
The drums are my confession booth.
The bass is my wine.

The guitar is my witch's broomstick.

My first electric guitar was named No Name.
It was a Rok Axe.
A generic guitar from 125th street.
A great way to start.
Like a basic Stratocaster.

Jenneia Carter (Carterbelle!) gave me her Hello Kitty Fender.
And I went STUPID with it.
"I'm Good (Bret Hard)" was her big mainstream debut.
When I lost my house, I lost Darling Nikki (the Hello Kitty Fender).

My mom gave me an acousticelectric Hybrid.
I named her Christina (miss ya, Teenie!) and... was reserved about playing her at first.
I was using her as an MPC.
When I moved back to NYC in 2018, I played her NON STOP.
Until she died.

Acoustic guitars have life, and they can die when overplayed.

While living at VSDiamond's, I bought a Davison guitar.
Named J*Davey (after the Neo-Soul band).

I went to Baltimore with it.
And yes, I used her as an MPC.
We rode oooouuuuuuuuuuttttttttttt.

I recorded Two: Symphony of the Damned (album) and CHSonicBrain (Funkadelic "Maggotbrain" cover) with her.

When I came back to NYC this time, she flew off into the distance.

When fucked good and right, electric guitars fly off like a broomstick.
Swear for God.

I currently am looking for an all-Black Fender Stratocaster.
That is my guitar of choice.
Davison (J*Davey) was AWESOME.
But I go interstellar with a Fender Strat.

If someone could be so awesome and get me one, or give me theirs, I'll be forever grateful.
I miss shredding.

I have an Arturia MiniLab that I can plug-and-play, so I'm good with keys.
And if anything should happen to Artie, I play keys using the keyboard on the MacBook.

I miss you, J*Davey.
I hope you know I loved you at first sight.

I hope all is well, Darling Nikki.

And No Name, thank you.

Special shout out to Matthew Anderson's old guitar.
I had a BLAST workin' YOU out.




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