The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Application Under Review


A major part of my development growing up.
No homo.

The Shadys have embraced me.
Detroit and I made peace.
Paul follows me on Twitter.
Griselda album dead the best shit ever.
Obie (and Jean Grae) kept me going in late 2009.

But is Eminem a Gothic Apprentice?

Em is more gangsta than tolerable.
It is possible that his homophobia is a product of his enviroment.
But with a gay man running for president, is it possible that Eminem has heightened ESP?

I like to believe that Eminem has spidey senses.

I've been dragged by the Gay Media Police for saying that the physical discomfort I felt when I was sexually assault led to confusion as to how a man would want to experience such as a lifestyle.
Then I moved to Harlem, where you get called a faggot for talking proper.
Then I learned what such action actually is.

Is homosexuality a form of population control?

Do lesbians deserve chivalry?
Can gay (gaay) men take responsibilty?

Find out next time on The Adventures of Pac Ham.

See ya soon, Slim.



Eddie Murphy 0fficial lyrics

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