The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Cori's story

From 6th-8th grade, I had a recurring dream about having a girlfriend.
Her name was Cori.
Literally every night or every other night, Cori and I would go from 124th and Broadway to the movie theater on 84th and Broadway.

And we were in looooooove.

I was super clingy, and she was super clingy too.
We would chase each other down the block, toss candy corn in each other's mouths, innocently make out...

Every night was Heaven.

I dont know why the dreams stopped.

I feel horrible about the way I treated Gaby.
I was in 8th, she was in 7th.
She was the only girl that gave me attention in Ascension school.

I was soooooo crazy about Connie.
Candice was my EminemSoulmate.
Gertsina was a big girl, but she was the vibe I was digging.

Yet nothing was better than my adolescent masturbation to Hot 97 (after 9pm) and dreaming about Cori.

Whether Cori exists or not remains to be seen.
But I have never met a girl like her.

Maybe Yams Lilion.
The girl I created through imagination when Beyonce and J Dilla hooked up and left me on Earth.

I might've misspelled her name.

Still, I actually have a dreamgirl.

Feel free to call me a loser.

I did.



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