The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

E40's shorty

The title is so esoteric, I'm not surprised you don't get it.

I went to Guitar Center and acted a fool.
I got a chance to cut up on the decks!
Feels good! (Dilla voice)
A good Pioneer deck is $1k.
The mini decks are less expensive, but VERY loose.
I like a good grip on my wheels.

I had the staff DYING with how I cut up Mustard joints.
He's a biter, too.

Anyway, I fell in love with William's keyboards today.
Great feel, sound and variety.
I wasn't crazy about MIDI keyboards when they came out, so the USB plug-and-plays brought me to the present day.


Went there with Enjetic (Danny).

The Sam Ash jam sessions with VSDiamond are behind me.
We had fun, but we're very far apart.
Still happy for her.

You might be asking what's up with Valera (she has a jersey now; most of my exes do).
Nothing but love, but the wisest decision is to move on.
She has a son to raise and a helluva time doing so.
I'm liability dick in her life.

Today, I'm making the dreaded trek into NYC.
You'll know me when you see me.
Could this be the beginning of something real?
Could discipline make me one of the best yet?

This and other pressing questions, next time on The Adventures of Pac Ham.



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