The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Post VDay relaydelay

CYoung took me to see it.
I was blessed by it.
Truly an awesome film.
My Sonic theology is justified and verified by it.

As much as I am of the mind to rant and rave about the movie and how right I am, I am of a different demeanor.
I dont want to talk anymore.
Or be seen.
Honestly, not even heard.
My piano album, Just Charles, is dropping soon, but... I just need to get disability and lay low.
I've said a lot.
Ive done a lot
It's not about the attention I dont get, need or feel I deserve.
I'm on a whole different mode.

If you like my music, I feel you.
I know why the haters hate.
I know why the females ignore.
I know why family marginalizes.
I know why I have such few friends.
I'm not interested in being gay.
I'm too shy to be a player.
At this point, all I can do is treat myself better.

My production is one of a kind.
From as far back as my early Yamaha PSR-225 beats
No one can rap better than me.
Including and especially Griselda

The above, my reply to Westside Gunn's IG post.

Said, acknowledging their talent(s) and success.

Moving on.

Literally all I can do is be good to myself.
Whenever I interact with someone, just be kind.
Kindness doesnt require a sacrifice, unless it is retaliation for the person being an asshole.
And that's kinda what the situation has been.
Everyone has been a prick to me since... I'll be fair and said '99.
Eminem, through music, was my best friend.
Dr. Dre, through music, was my piano teacher.
Jimmy Iovine, through Em and Dre, was my therapist.
I was in NYC when 50 Cent dropped "How To Rob".
I was a fan.
I think he got super gangsta and I found that to be a proverbial turn off.

People started being dicks to me immediately after Curtis Mayfield died.

Actually, nah.

I moved to NYC at age 5

From about 6-now, everyone has been a dick.
Dont ask for individual proprieties.
You all.

The nicest people to me have been my StarChasers, and I'm guilty of mistreating them because their love was too new to me.
Yet it was just what I was searching for.

In that sens... nah, lemme not say that.


I'm gonna take better care of myself.
Obviously shower more, I already cook for myself...


Who is to judge whether I'm taking care of myself?!

Lol yall niggas got it twisted.

I am rather Sabu with music, but my only flaw is my tooth.
Cigar smoke.

Aight (lol), lemme close this entry.

Bless those who read, watch and listen (the most important factor of Hamilton Media).

Lmao ahw man...



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