The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Thirty6ix Tekashi

Im sorry I fucked it up.

So... I rarely talk about my 2010-2011 bid.
No, I did not get raped.
No, I dod not fuck a nigga.
Yes, my commissary got stolen.
Yes, I battled everyone in FPod.
No, I dont condone jail ganglife.

There is a lot I learned while in, and because of how sensitive things are and can get, I am nervous about sharing.
Its been about 10 years, but I still know people inside and I have family on the outside.

I am a public figure.

Still, I got a story to tell.

About 4 months in, I was finally cleared to go to rec (basketball, basically).
There was this chubby dude that showed love, but had a MEAN handle.
Crossed me a few times.
On his team was a Spanish brother.
About the same build.

(grits teeth, crosses fingers)
Member of TheSpiderGang.

Now, every time he took a shot, he made it.
Nigga took about 12 shots.
Impossible ass, horrible formation shots.

Made them every time.

It was then that I realized you can cheat in basketball, physically.

Just as a note, I was gettin my Nash off, grabbin re-s and dead breaking ankles.

Back to cheating.


He was using 6 blessings (think Department of Social Services) to score.
I am a 6.
Only 6z have the power to bless and condemn.

So I ask him about it, as we line up to go back to the pod.
He tells me when he joined TheSpiderGang, he got these powers.
And he implied WHICH 6 he is.
Already aware of the presence of 6 in The County, I take "attendance" of sorts.

Im on lithium, depakote, zyprexa... Im in no condition to fight, play ball... shit, even move.
CO puts me to the front of the line to go back to the pod.

Im cold as well, so my movement is super limited.

The Spanish brother gets into an argumebt with the SRTs about being in line.
The reason?
Because he's a 6 and doesnt have to obey laws.

I turn around.
He starts going CRAZY, points at me, and dead says "I want awl this!"
Starts dropping names.
Screaming knowledge.
Telling stories.

The SRT slaps the shit out of him.

He looks at me.
Glares at me.

I turn around.
The CO walks us back to FPod.

From that rec session until I went to CATS, him and his other Spanish brothers were grillin and plottin on me.

And I never felt right about knowing anything since.

Giogio, Yance, I got your back no matter what.
But what if you need my help in a situation with something or someone I control?
What if the situation is me taking responsibility for my brethren, but being innocent?
How can I defend you, if you are dead wrong, and Id be compromising myself to get you out?

I got more stories.
But... this one's been in my system for a while.

SRTs are trained for magic/magick/wizardry/paranormal/6 occurences.

I wouldve died trying to help you, hombre.

You would never do the same for me.

If you know me, dont owe me.
You already got all you need.

I gotta chill.

=The Immortal=


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