The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Taaaaaaaake notice...

(Ive been making myself DIE laughing lately...)

So, I have a ...lmao...... process.
Whenever an album I record makes me feel GUUD, I wait to drop it.
My first two joints (JEEEEZUS!!! LMAO) I recorded them and dropped them sbortly thereafter.
I lived with The Pink Lavalamp.
The vibe of it captured New York, undisputedly.
The second album this happened with was Autumn Harvest.
This time, LA was vibing with it.
The 3rd time, without question, is and was Unbeknownst To You.
From Queens to Lower Manhattan to the rest of the world.
I am soooo proud of UTY.

I got another one.

The Virgin's Suicide

I leaked one song from it ("Side Nigga Blues").
The response was silently deafening.

Recorded in VA.
At Cousin Rox's house.

The next day, she had me hospitalized.

I could go hamdisco on her about it, but she meant well.

Well, fuck it.
The album is what it is.

Idk when and if it'll drop.
But Im in love with this joint.

And (you petty little faggot ass unsolicited, uncredentialed ass faggots) I sent it to a 3rd party to get mastered.
So the sound quality cannot be under scrutiny.

The Virgin's Suicide.

=The Immortal=



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