The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Suspended by gravity.

 I just want to free write right now. 

I haven't been writing a lot, because I didn't want to narrate free will. The answers are in front of you, the good, bad and ugly are revealed, consequences are known. For their protection, I will limit the talk about George, Dilla and Jack. Just know that I support them from the beginning, despite treason and disappointment. It's hard to withdraw support from people you really care about.

I spoke with Sha-leik today. He might be someone I speak to more often. I have to introduce him to my world of music. He knows of it and is in it, but he isn't clear as to who he is and his impact on my music. I can appreciate his point of view. Gotta put my ego to the side. 

My ego just so happens to be my resume.

I have a new uniform.

The more I have to say is actually the life that's left for me to live.

And I have more to say.




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