The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

The 24-Hour Jay-Z Binge

 As I stated on Twitter, he is the pre-Eminem GOAT. No one did what Jay was doing before '99. Everyone was trying to be 2Pac. Jay was original, though very street. Classy, but nasty. Over time, he grew. It became less about the street hustle and more about progression. In modern times, he's about spirituality and family.

This, as I tastefully disregard the real meaning of his music.

Check it.

Jay-Z is Mary Nintendo. Mary Nintendo is a battered wife. Jay is on a war path. Anyone in his way gets destroyed. Yet He is very devoted to the ones he loves.

Your best bet is to hope for Jay's love. It is in your best interest to love Jay no matter what dirty tricks he pulls.

Since my arrival in the mainstream, I can point out a few times where Jay showed he was influenced by me. Even a bit before. You gotta remember, Jay-Z is my Uncle Jeff (happy birthday, Uncle George!). I am intimidated by him, not because of his money, but because he is a dangerous man. VERY bold. Very cunning. Him not being on your side is bad for you. I'm glad we've come to terms with each other. I might be a bit too different for his liking, but I believe he loves me.

My favorite Jay-Z song is between "You Must Love Me" and "Threats" (9th!).

I think Jay is torn between his royal life as a man and his loyal life as a woman. I pray for him, but I think he's strong enough on his own. Then again, who am I to deny someone of prayer?

We'll be in touch, Uncle Jigga.

Or Dad.




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