The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Peace on Smoke

 I had a long chat with Elon Musk. He revealed to me that he is in fact aware of who I am, and doesn't approve of me using his platform to redirect traffic to my learning circle. With no disrespect to who I am or what I do. He feels I have a monopoly over #TheInternet as is, and need to share. 

The thing about that is, I spend no money to gain the online attention I gain. And the truth is, the numbers are low because the vibes are high. Mutations, transformations, rips... these things get the music to more people, but at one time. It's safe to say, aliens listen to my music.

As long as I stay true to myself, there is no issue with the interstellar communication I have with SEGA. 

Will I remain on Twitter? Time will reveal. I don't have The Internet to lose, and he has gained more than enough money. 

Smoke weed everyday.



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