The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Ego Mania (a freewrite)

 I feel explosions in my head
that I know everyone wants to watch.
I can see them, too.
Like the opening scene of "Crash".
Except no one is there to help the one's stuck.
As soon as I stop thinking, the scene is cut.

Car chases.
Wild sex.
Money machines, filled to the brink.
Rock guitars.
Razor blades.

I attribute these being in my visions to the magnitude of my being.
I am a thrill to see.
A wonder to meet.
Not just self-observations and affirmations.

I love who I have become.

I'd like to thank the pain for refining me.
The joy for being the silver lining over my dark clouds.
The Sun for always being there, recharging me. 
The rain, for being my solace. 

You may ask how.
You've never tasted the rain.

I have.

My ego has gone manic.
In a while, all of these notes about myself will mean nothing.
I will feel lower than mud.

That's just how the mind works.

So pardon my ego mania.

I just wanted to watch a quick action flick.



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