The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Top 50 Talk

In my opinion, Eminem is my favorite rapper. Such cannot change. Being that he's white, he's had a harder way to go. So it's still good that he's in the Top 5 (Billboard/Vibe). At the same time, there has been little debate as to whether Jay-Z deserves to be number one.

He does. From hits to classics. 

I can only say good things about him, really. So yeah. He deserves the title of GOAT. I'd be surprised to hear another new album from him.

But Eminem is my favorite rapper and can do no wrong.

Am I mad I was left off the list? No. It's not about consistency, as both publications have written about me before. It's about Hip-Hop. Does it accept me for the Elektro-making Goth that I am? Time reveals all.

I am currently surviving California. As they say, I'm in the HOOD hood. I might've mentioned this before myself, even. But yeah. I have to be sharper and wiser. This isn't an Eminem-friendly neighborhood (feel me?). This is definitely Jay-appropriate living. Mostly everyone knows I rap, and of them, a few people know "how famous I am". I guess I walk like a rapper. Who knows? All I know is I want to get back on my feet immediately.

As sore as they are.



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