The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Bad as she wanna be.

And the root of my evil.

Everyone, meet Baddie. She'll let you know what her real name is. This might be the deepest relationship I've been in. And we're not in a relationship, according to her. And rightfully so. I (censored, for legal purposes). 

Yes, she's the girl from the case I'm currently dealing with. 

I try to escape my self-inflicted plight by.... just doing other stuff. Literally. Not even music can get this girl the justice she feels she deserves. And my sorries require creativity. After a while, it taints the creative side and creates bitterness. To where I won't give a fuck.

I don't want to need Tanea (Baddie). But there is a side of her that makes me dependent on her. I think she knows it, and is dangling such over my head. Which is dangerous, because I don't like things being over my head.

Ask Lupe Fiasco.

 I made an entire song folder about her. Falcon Phoenix. Some of it may have dropped, likely the whole folder is out, whatever. Anyway, those were all songs inspired by our Atari-founded love.

Our love (Baddie and I) is post-SEGA and I's relationship.

Baddie is post-SEGA living for me.

Baddie is post-SEGA.

One day she'll read this and appreciate the depth of her being in my life.

February 13th is her birthday.
Happy birthday, Baddie!

The day before love, huh?




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