The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.


 (a freewrite)

A Black woman inspired me today.

Not that it's not common, and not that commonplace is a place to be

But a Black Woman inspired me today.

Her knowledge, deep with fact.

Her wisdom, you need knoweth.

Her swagger as vast as her wisdom.

Get to know her, I beg.

Then the world I know gets to know me

And I want to keep her private.

A Black Woman inspired me today.

To want to protect a Black woman.

From the same things we as Black men need protection from.

We all knoweth them, no need in sharing.

But the world we know gets to know us,

and the Black Woman needs to be protected from the Black man.

The opportunist White man comes and consoles this lonely Black Woman.

Steals her magic.

Tries to inspire.

My weakling self, so eager to please a Black woman, kneels by her feet.

Only she can inspire me.

A Black Woman inspired me today.



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