The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Wartorn (a freewrite)

 What's a fist to a knife?
What's a punch to a bullet?
What's a community to a militia?
What's unity to a tank?

This war is bullying.
I hate a bully.
Dealt with them all my life.
It got so good to them that they justified it.
It felt so good to me that I accepted it.

In my heart, I know they were wrong.

This war is bullying.
I can't stand a bully.
I can see them a mile away.
They find something they cherish, and cherish it publicly.
It becomes their reason to boast and belittle.

I hate a bully.

There's nothing I can do but pray for Ukraine. 
I must be careful about admonishing Russia.


Prayers and tears are only strong in theory.
These people need help.
Our country says they will.

Will they?

And for what cost?

May Sonic save the world again.



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