The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Rock-n-Roll (and J Dilla) saved my life tonight.

 I told Baddie that I caught myself saying "I'm tired of music". But if I'm telling the truth, I am. Everything sounds the same, has autotune, is disruptive and annoying. The few rare exceptions draw ire from everyone I give my opinion to. And the few people in my personal life who I feel can make it don't have it in them to dooit. 

My iTunes library is ALL ME. Translation: I removed J Dilla from my personal library. Fret not, he's on several drives of mine. But I don't want to be so directly influenced by J Dilla that it ruins the experience of the music I make. He is a HUGE influence, but I've been making music since before I heard of him (with acclaim). He opened my mind and heart, no doubt. But I want to give him his flowers while still being able to receive mine. The podcast gave me my flowers with little Dilla reference, which was cool. I think J Dilla is the -G- in SEGA. So don't take my distance from him to mean I'm moving on to the next hot producer. Shit, I think he may be even Apollo Brown, if we're talking alien talk. 

Regardless, I was kinda blue about music. Then I did some searching for unheard rock from the 80s (the decade most of us were born). And boy, did I find some sounds! I'm now inspired and want to make something. Still, I want to save some work for when I get out of this place and move on to my next destination: my own apartment in Los Angeles.

It could be lit. I could invite the likes of CYoung, Chris Rivera and Tyler Maine over and we can smoke and create. I could invite Dre (ala Boe & Dre) over and talk business. He moved out here recently. Me and Baddie could shag all day. Or, I can be alone. In selective silence. Reading Tarot, The Bible, The Quran, and studying witchcraft. I may cry (while alone ) from time to time. I may get a new cell phone soon. Obama phones only last for a year. Literally. But I plan to call people less and less. 

I'm starting to think fame isn't really for me. Famous people aren't happy, and happy people aren't famous. I think my dream, when it was all said and done, was to make music that I can stand up for and stand behind. To make music I can be proud of. I can honestly say I'm proud of "New York Raining". I made a statement with that record, no matter how grueling the process was (and the song only took about 20 minutes to make). But yeah. My dream is to create. Create, innovate, regulate, control (self and situations).

Let me dooit!

Oh. My new favorite Dilla beat is "Taking Me A Lifetime".

I have a joint over this, but I'm not crazy about the mix. Its moreso the sound of the room I was in (VS Diamond's son's room). Damn. Now that I think about it, I love that damn mix/song! I may drop soon.



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