The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.


 I'm having a hard time with a particular female celebrity, who keeps trying to blackball me because I won't sleep with her. Unlike her, I won't name names. Just know that, at one point, it was a dream to get with her.

She has a man. I respect her man. Immensely. But this bitch is causing MAJOR problems for me professionally. Even taking it to the techworld, trying to make sure no one can find out about me. In hindsight, it's a sweet gesture. But she needs to chill. 

Whatever was done in my sleep by whoever, I didn't get mine, so it doesn't count. All your asking for is a rape charge, and I feel like people think I cry wolf when I snap and accuse people (who only verify the claim in their music and personal life behavior). I'm not rich, but I am elite. 

Just because you can't fuck with me, doesn't mean you gotta fuck with me.

So chill out, Bad Bitch of Yesteryear. You let me down more than once, I'm not impressed by ANY of your music AT ALL, and I don't like money enough to try to fake it with you. I've always kept it real. You always bring up intimate conversations and financial assets when you don't like my moves.

I didn't ask you. Nor did I approach you. 

A pretty face, ass and titties mean nothing if you can't maintain it. I have a Dad Bod now. My priorities are different. My baby mommas take care of themselves, and are rooting for me no matter what. My family is doing just fine. I got my MacBook, my drives, my keyboard, and my Tarot deck. Not to mention my Bible, Quran and spellbook.

Fall back gracefully.



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