The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Leave You Alone sessions (CoEx)

 I'm well known for OVER loving things. People, artists, politicians, etc. If I love you, I overdo it. Especially if you tapped in at a low point in my life. That's kinda the reason I went so hard for Daft Punk and Curtis Mayfield. In reverse order, actually. 

I made Villain. to spite VS Diamond. Point blank period. She drove me to the brink at a high speed. Very similar to my relationship with Briana. But with Briana, I was focused on Elektro. I tapped into Soul for VS. Kinda why our breakup hurt so much. But I feel she had other motives all around. Or, (at least) people in her ear telling her how to treat me. Beautiful girl, but she has hella demons. Regardless, I relapsed into #dope and created Villain. to get over her.

At Origin's apartment, while on Messenger Video with Isa Valera.

Yes, I have many female friends. No, I am not a player.

But then, back to Isa. Somehow I ended up back...

And like that, I forgot.

I forgot the whole shit.

6zs forever.

Apple Store


I'm literally tapping in. I do fear however that me blogging this will mislead.
I'm getting my HamilVision MacBook fixed.




Eddie Murphy 0fficial lyrics

^ ^ ^ (verse 1) Ungh! Get right witchya boy! Sit tight for ya boy! Hit the lights for ya boy... this is that kind of joint. Just sit back. L...