The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Textbook Mornings

 A few things I want to address. Not sure if I'll have the time...

If you've been reading this blog for a while, I talk(ed) about an issue I had/have with Jay-Z. And if you know me personally, I got deep with the intricate details. All I want to say is, I am at peace with Mr. Carter. I'm sure he echoes my sentiments of grief, and we are both fighting the same fight. He's just BILLIONS in, and I'm pulling together scraps.

I am EXTREMELY proud of my StarChasers. They came a long way. From social pariah to life of the party. Well, I hope I didn't steer you wrong with my drug usage. I can make a bunch of excuses about why or when I do/did it. It's a struggle, as fun as it can be. But don't let the fun and smooth taste fool you. Drugs kill. And the more fun you have, the closer you are to death.

CeCe and I talked, and even though I'm 50% done with Black Candle, we might change it to Stardust. I like Stardust. It gives room to create light in the darkness. And vice versa.

I must admit, I've seen and heard some SHIT since I been out. That's 2 years of hearsay and proven dramatics. Some, if not most of it affects me directly, but they involve people I'm close to. 3 people in particular (hint). Because I haven't spoke to them (DIRECTLY) in a while, I don't make it public. Just know, there are rules to listening to Madlib, J Dilla and R. Kelly (Danger Mouse).

That's about all for now. Back soon...



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