The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Demanded supply?

Quiet as it's kept, I know what the people want. Or what they think they want, at least. I've been giving (in the last 2-3 years) hard-nosed, from the heart poetry over self-produced soul beats. I even used #TheOldKanye's sounds for a few joints. But, no. It's not chopped-up, sped up soul. It's not quirky drums. It's not "swing" (or #theDillaBounce). It's not screwed up (pitched down) hooks, be it sampled or spoken originally. 

It's controversy.
People want to connect to the taboo.

Whatever illicit goings-on you pick up (in your third eye) EVERYWHERE ELSE IN MEDIA is not in my music. I don't send shots. I directly address issues. I just don't say names because the name in question led to unnecessary stress. But whoever you are, or were at the time of me recording, you know who you are. Once I address it, I'm over it. But yeah. Don't come over here if you're looking for dramatic lyrics. 

I did I live on YouTube this past Sunday. Someone asked me about my homo-erotic lyrics. I can admit to experimentation, but I don't identify as bisexual. I barely like men, and I have a long road to go with women (since catching a DV case). But I've said what I've said, many times. I'm trying to move on. Rest in peace, Chris Smith, and I hope all is well Chris Elston.

Geez. For this world to be so gay, y'all sure do come down on me for experimenting.
But I see and know why. 
I'm held to a standard. If I'm going to be homophobic, do and be it all the way. If I'm going to love, love EVERYONE. And love unconditionally.

I'm in LA. Things are either extremely gay or extremely hood. An open mind is necessary, but you can't become someone's sucker. And it can easily happen to anyone out here. New Yorkers, if you should decide to migrate to LA and check out "the scene", keep your New York senses. Y'all know the hustle. Shit, y'all INVENTED it. Ain't no different out here.

I have no interest in sparking controversy. I never really did. But that's what gets people going. You either sample controversial music from the 2000s, say something controversial in songs, or say too much in interviews. Of course, the controversial music video won't hurt. But you have to be a solidified artist and/or solidify yourself to make said video. 

Too much energy. 

I said/say some shit in my music. Like, some SHIT. If you listen close/long enough, you'll catch the whole drift. 
I guess I'm trying to boost the attention span of the modern American youth. We are getting our asses handed to us by the rest of the world. I want to proudly claim that my art/music is American Bound. Despite the fact I performed in London. I want to be proud of this country, period. We literally ARE The Land of Opportunity.

Or is that just Harlem?



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