The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

2024 Pandemic (King Charles)

That's me. Babyfaced, Islamic Crown, pink and black, Barbie (pagan) tee. Though I am a poor, righteous teacher (aka broke rapper), I am The King of All Music. The content in my newer music has been so dense that it's hard to make an album. And I've been producing and recording WAY faster than usual. So the content has been consistent and DEEP.

Next year will be no different.

I plan to release a new song (original, sample-based production and lyrics) every month throughout the entire year. So 12 new songs. There will DEFINITELY be more than 12 songs recorded next year (over original, sample-based production). But I will select a song appropriate for the season/time being and blast it out to the world.

#Comma has not died, apparently. He's still hungry. And may be ghostwriting for King Charles (#KC). Also note that the production will be handled by none other than The Talented Mr. Hamilton. Just using King Charles' personally sampled tags. As you know, kings aren't supposed to do much. But when they do, it's OD. And these tags, man...

See me making use of my paranoid schizophrenia?!

Music from The Hamilton, Charles Era will be curated and (hopefully) will hit streaming late 2024. It's a matter of clearances.

I hope you're excited about this coming year.
I hope you're excited about everyday you wake up.
I hope you're excited about everyday you wake up in my kingdom.




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