The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

King Charles Hamilton! King Charles the Hamilton!

Honey on my wounds.

I stand on my grief about being sexually assaulted in the music business. I've already thrown out my accusations. In some ways, I've gotten justice. But real justice comes in the form of the practice NOT HAPPENING. Many of my fellow soul brothers have fallen prey to the lure of Hollywood, and I want to see it stop. 

I feel for Cassie. $100 million from a scumbag does sound like it'll help you sleep at night. But the business is MORE THAN FORGIVING towards females, and especially toxic towards males. I can't speak on Diddy too much, because every time I've encountered him, he was nice to me. But TOO MANY people complain about similar things for the issue to not be rectified. And hell, maybe he's just acting out things that have happened to him in the business.

Regardless of what it MIGHT be, it has to stop. Real artists lose their drive, fake artists get the acclaim, and executives get paid from it all. It's a losing battle. Don't try to steal someone's energy just because you think they're better. Try to collaborate. Or do what Drake does to me and take notes on the volume of music to make your music have more pop appeal.

Shouts to NELACTheBeatNinja, who's live I often check out with StarChaser Tyler Maine. Me and my voodoo doll are sitting here watching him now.



*Xarles* on Live @ 12

^ ^ ^ Xarles is the abducted-by-Xenomorphs version of King Charles. Can/will he return? Find out next week! #beseated