The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.


Without further ado, I'm gonna give you some tips on production. But this won't be a video. You gotta know how to read to heed. Ya deeg?

  • When you chop a sample, always chop at least a millisecond before the hit. Like, if you're sampling on the one (downbeat), sample it a little before it lands on the one. 
  • For Autumn Harvest, I would sample the two and the four (the space between the up and down beat) and create melodies off quantization.
  • I sample RARE records from artists you've heard of. I don't like to sample hits (never did, but I did). I prefer minor chords, but lately I been getting into major chords.
  • I don't like sampling from packs. I might get a drum kit or two, but I don't like sample packs with the chords already available. Hunt, don't bunt.
  • Use EVERY pad on the MPC to sample. If you don't, someone who does will ABUSE you musically. I've seen it down.
  • Don't be afraid of force ("purple stuff!" -Dave Chapelle), but use it wisely. You'll know it when you see it ("purple stuff!" -Dave Chapelle).

These 6 tips should help you get places. I prefer the MPC over the SP 404, but you could make biddangers on the SP 404. I've never used the SP1200, and I'm not a fan of the Maschine. Still, you could apply all of what I said to each of the sampling devices. I really want to get a Dr. Sample, but I'm content with beasting on my laptop. By beasting, I mean creating new techniques with just my MacBook. 

Shouts to DJH2 (Halo). I used his Virtual DJ technique for about 3 years. It was fun, but I decided to go back to FL Studio. Just for originality's sake. To get in tune with great sampling, listen to him (Halo), DOOM, Dilla and Madlib. It's more than just chopping and looping.

That's all I can write. Get to it!!!



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