The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

JrCORP., VinylPop, Columbine Gang: the future

I started the company VinylPop to 1) distribute "The Pink Lavalamp", 2) to protect my prodcution(s), and 3) to find any likeminded artisans to work with. Everything was going to be pro-Bono (free). It was based on the movie "Pay It Forward", even though I think VinylPop was set up before the movie was released. It worked in the beginning. I discovered Halo through Sciryl, Kesed and I had an independent tour of the New York poetry scene, I was a frequent guest at Abiodun (The Last Poets)'s house... VinylPop was the movement. I signed myself to VinylPop, NOT Demevolist. So Jimmy and I did a joint venture. VinylPop/Interscope. When I got dropped, I kept VinylPop.

Years (and Beyonce encounters) later, I created JrCORP. FROM THE GROUND UP. JrCORP. is a CORPORATION, FOUNDED THROUGH NATURE. Not Nintendo. By signing myself and VinylPop to JrCORP, I keep all entities of me. From production, to engineering, to recording, to writing (which is split with Sony and Fox)... to my multiples of self. This includes the members of Columbine Gang (9th, ALC, Green, Jazz, Dre, !ll, Carrey, Korn, DOOM).

Since they are me, I am entitled to any wealth (being physical, financial, etc., whatever) they garner. 

But I'm not an asshole. And the contract was only for 5 years (written in 2020).

So they only have to deal with me for 2 more years. Then, it's all on them.

I'm setting myself free, and looking for a love I cannot provide for myself.

But I love myself.

My self, I love you!




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