The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

The Story of Comma

During his incarceration, Comma vowed to never let anything get in the way of sharing his gift and telling his story. Allah blessed him with the opportunity to serve his sentence on the outside. So he spent every minute crafting poetry over exclusive instrumentals produced by The Talented Mr. Hamilton.

The messages were clear: stand tall in your beliefs, let nothing stop you from your goals, enjoy life. However, his drug past got in the way. There's a new drug on the market called Stardust. He couldn't help but partake, and in one shot, he overdosed. Comma had no real family and no real friends, so he will only be missed by the lives he touched through his music.

A sad and unfortunate story, shared by many up and coming artists. As a warning people, if you're going to do the drugs, don't let the drugs do you.

There are plans for a "Best of" album, to hit streaming services soon. Pick your favorite Comma records and hit me up to see if your #Commapick made the list.

I sorta know which ones will make it...

See you in 2024!!!





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