The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Vigilante (it's not over yet)

So I spent today with Jay-Z, J Dilla and David Bowie. If you feel like doubting, ask Hov yourself next time you come across him. Anyway, we chill all the time. I just allowed the moment to overtake me. Very humbled to be in their presence. And I'm kinda like that guy to them, ya know?

I want to keep their phenom-esque like presence in music, though I've revealed a lot/enough about them. What I can say is, they are, as well as 9th Wonder, very key in the production of the latest in the Villain. series, Vigilante. Each of them are like the elements (Water, Air, Fire, Earth), complimenting my Spirit. This combination completes the pentagram, from which Jay-Z found the ultimate loophole. Also from which Dilla comes from and Bowie represents.

I might record this in a big studio, but I won't be asking StarChasers for money to record this one. I think I have the right connections for this one. I will be using Psyenpiffic's Sonic/Robotnik King Charles designs for random things through the year. He made more. 

I leaked the artwork on IG, but... here it is.

More, soon.

Happy hallowdays.




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