The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

The Back Of A King's Hand

So y'all know me by now. I'm bipolar and schizophrenic. I have episodes. I'm glad I WROTE DOWN my problems today, instead of bottling it up and exploding on a random someone. I also hope that my StarChasers are PROUD of me, for not succumbing to certain temptations in the music business. I'm sure I said it before, but it needs restating. I took a SERIOUS pay cut, but I'm able to tell future generations about the evils of the music business. It doesn't matter who you are or who you were before you walked in the office. Once they sign your check, you're theirs. And it takes sacrifice to climb up in the ranks. I'm thankful that Jimmy didn't pull rank and MAKE me do things. 

In fact, he let me go before it even got to that point.
To his knowledge.

The game is dying, and I'm the only one who has what it takes to save it. But things must be done ON MY TERMS for it to work. Which means I MUST be paid MORE than my net worth ($2 million). Again. I took a HUGE pay cut to provide my StarChasers with an all-written, originally produced album. Y'all can't be mad at me ever again. And I don't want to be mad at y'all. Ever again. So let's keep the love alive.

The thing about my newer (2012-present) music... wait... God DAMN! Even though I switch my style every few... well, months..., I been switching up consistently for 11 years! ALREADY!!! (pets Togepi) Well, the consistent theme in the music is, you know and understand what I'm saying, you just don't understand how you know what I'm saying. Well, I'm tapping into your UNconscious mind, subconsciously (through the instrumental) and consciously (lyrically). I feel like it would kill the thrill if I told you EXACTLY what I'm talking about. It would also kill the very purpose of every recording artist.

So let me be King, y'all. 
I earned it.

I might have to go back to Numark.
Embrace me!!!




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