The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

For you, as King

You might wonder what I spend the money donated to me on. I don't buy crack and heroin when I do buy drugs. I go to the neighborhood dispensary and get a preroll or two, DIRECTLY after my Friday live. With everything else, I buy mp3s in bulk, pay my Google Drive bill, and I'm subscribed to a few places where I can get exclusive RARE music. I also get Gatorade, cigs, Chinese food, etc. But the money is going to good.

This Saturday, however, I'm spending my government-granted money on a BIG studio session. I only make $200+ a month, so I couldn't get 4th Street. But this studio is nearby and only costs $110 for an 8-hour lock out! Thing is, I'll be the engineer. I've been taking notes on what y'all LIKE to hear from me (sound wise), and I know how to mix to your satisfaction. Some plugins do tricks on their own, so I gotta be careful. But yeah. I'm coming out of pocket for this session. 

Point is, I ask that y'all donate, so I can have a steady stream of income. The music will come. And it will be of good quality. But in order to buy ads, get my musically professionally mastered, get on playlists with music... shit, even uploading new music on to streaming, it's gonna cost some money. My TuneCore account is locked, because it was attached to a PayPal account that is frozen. So no music is going out, and no money is being made from what's already out. In fact, all the money made from streaming goes right back into putting the music on streaming again.

It hurts, but it may be the only way.

CashApp: $thephenom718

I... can't... make a mistake...

"This morning, King Charles..."


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