The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

A slight dose of my opinion.

Revival is criminally slept on.
So is Encore.
As he grew, he got more complex as a lyricist.
And his taste in music became more refined.

The reason most of you don't like Revival is because Dr. Dre isn't the lead producer on it.
Kamikaze is a bunch of YouTube beats.

But yeah.
Revival shows that Em has great taste in music (beat selection), but his skill is almost beyond the encapsulation of music.
The lyrical content on this album is brilliantly dark.

It's sad that the overview is "Em has to go back on drugs" to make a classic album.

I have to stop here, because if you knew what I knew, you'd praise him on sight.

Eminem is a guitar.
Jay-Z is a sax.
Nas is a piano.
Rakim is a DJ's MC, but is THE GOD MC at being so.

As far as modern MCs, NBA Youngboy has potential.
My new roommate plays his stuff all the time, so I somewhat had to listen.
But he isn't as bad as he sounds.

I like Kodak Black, 21 Savage is dope...

No one holds a Bic to my man Anderson. Paak, though.

Unrelated, I went to the FDA Alumni Day.
I didn't see a lot of the traditional --Aliens, but I did see a new generation of beautiful, future-ready young females of whom I can "graduate" to FDAliens.
I sincerely hope everything is alright with every FDAlien to grace the halls.
It was good seeing Mr. Montiero, I made peace with Mr. Harris (despite early reports), hugged Ms. Yamusa (YAMUSA! lol), and interrupted Mr. Murphy's class.
Felt good doing all the above.

Back to my opinion.

Goats are often slaughtered.
Acknowledge the GOATS before it's too late.
Realize that this generation is UNAWARE of grooves and lyricism.
They don't dance no mo'.
All they do is this (starts bouncing around frantically).

Be back on later.

And yeah.
There's new music.




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