The King Charles Era

The King Charles Era
New sound, new style, still the same loser.

Carlito Sway

I am working on 2 albums at once.
Nothing new.
Both of which are sequels.
2020 is The Year of The Sequel.

The Suicidal 6 (sequel to Catholi School 6)


The Immortal Human (sequel to Immortal / An Immortal)

I am very excited about both.
Yet here we are.

I "leaked" a song from my final mixtape.
"FDA Class of '06".
I launched my YouTube show, "The Hamilton Quazar".
I am reading more than the more of before.
Less drinking, more weed.

I am prepared to stop.

"Secrets and Privacy" is it.

I am upset at myself because I said I would stop.
Ive recorded A LOT since it.
Produced more than that.

I think Im just always sad.

I have to find that pic from A$AP Ferg's house.
Im balled up in a corner with my head down.

Imagine if The Crow was a model.

Im also horny, lonely and in a sausage party for a living situation.
Somehow unrelated.

I dont want to talk right now, so...
End of entry.

(didnt proofread)

=The Immortal=


Eddie Murphy 0fficial lyrics

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